Training System, Management & Equipment.


Participation in competitions

Done enough competition needed to improve driver, as well as testing training athlete.
 Learn of their calendar and attend the project will help SportsDestiny.

On some launches are allowed only by registered team with a good rating - this is another motivation to become a member of our team.

In order to determine the level of training, from time to time we hold competitions among the participants of our project.
At the time of their athletes communicate and share experiences is what allows for a more well-organized basic training.

Competitions are divided into:

  •         City
  •         Regional
  •         National

There are also different categories:

  •         boys
  •         Juniors
  •         Men under 23 years
  •         men older than 23 years
  •         Veterans

                                                                                          Italy 2010

It is worth noting that all the famous athletes began their careers with wins at local competitions.
So if your goal is professional racing, then you should not ignore and underestimate the other starts.

Participation in the European races
With our help, you are almost a professional racer.
What's next? Of course, the next step is to show themselves in a country like Italy, where almost every family has a bicycle.
 Where to spend a lot of competition. Namely, in this country, many drivers begin to apply to cycling, not as the work, and as an art.
Interest in the race is incredible. And you get infected by this.
Formed FanClubs who come to the track, and encourage an athlete with his presence, people believe in you!

Holidays arranged by fans in honor of the heroes of cycling, shocking many people and their emotional mood.
Of course, such attention must be earned, and this should be in excellent physical shape.
And then the results will not keep you waiting!
To help you in this difficult matter, as "work in his name", we offer training in the United States, where there are conditions for training and recreation.

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