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Sports Destiny US
Russian sportsman who trains the team of diabetics in the USA Ц it sounds unbelievable.
12.11.2016 | Details >>>
Rubens Bertogliati
I would like to make list of the riders that I think they can do a magical year during this 2016 cycling season.
12.11.2016 | Details >>>
Rubens Bertogliati
The Carpegna is enough (or not?): on the training roads of Marco Pantani.
18.11.2015 | Details >>>
Fasting exercises to stimulate muscle strength.
Is important to do these exercises before breakfast in a kind of zero state for our body.
17.11.2015 | Details >>>
Rubens Bertogliati
13 years of cycling
14.11.2015 | Details >>>
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