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Gennadiy Mohnenko
He dreams of Russia and a world without orphans. He has adopted more than 30 children himself and, accompanied by his adoptive sons, Pastor Gennady cycles across Russia to carry his message that everyone who can adopt orphans should.
06.09.2013 | Details >>>
Chris Stastny
Cycling is a team sport that depends heavily on teamwork and chemistry.
09.08.2013 | Details >>>
Gennadiy Mohnenko
Support Cycling Action "World without Orphans!"
23.07.2013 | Details >>>
Sergei Chekhovskii
Health Benefits of Cycling
29.11.2012 | Details >>>
Sports Destiny
Become a sponsor for a cycling movement "WORLD WITHOUT ORPHANS!"
29.11.2012 | Details >>>
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